"True Karate-do is this: that in daily life,
one's mind and body be trained and developed
in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times,
one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice"

- Master Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan karate

Pink Karate – Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink KarateSeamus O’Dowd started the idea of Pink Karate for Breast Cancer Awareness in 2010, after realising that the “Pink Ribbon” emblem for Breast Cancer Awareness vaguely resembled a tied karate belt. With there being no pink belt in karate, he realised that this would be a unique and unusual way to support a very important cause.

The idea is simple. He had pink belts especially made, which are sold through Nintai Productions, with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society. People are encouraged to wear them and get sponsorship in their dojos to raise money that they can donate to their local or national charity. (It runs worldwide, so hospices and cancer societies in many countries have benefited from it.) People are also recommended to contact their local newspaper to get a write up, which gives publicity to the club AND to the cause. Although newspapers may generally be jaded with regards to printing articles on people getting black belts or winning tournaments, the novelty of so-called tough karate people replacing their coveted black belts with not-so-tough pink belts is both eye-catching and interesting, as well as being for a good cause, so newspapers are far more likely to be interested in promoting the story.

Pink Karate - Breast Cancer AwarenessThe Irish Cancer Society (as with all cancer societies) firmly believe that the key to reducing deaths from breast cancer is early detection and treatment, so awareness and constant reminders of this deadly disease are vitally important. The more awareness that is raised, the more lives get saved! Posting pictures on social media such as Facebook and Twitter all help to raise the profile of the cause too, so it is all good.

Since its inception, Pink Karate – Breast Cancer Awareness has been responsible for people in many countries raising thousands of Euro both through the sale of belts and local fundraising for cancer charities, and many thousands of people have become aware of this unique campaign.

Pink Karate - Breast Cancer AwarenessTo purchase Pink Belts, please visit the Nintai Productions shop page.  

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